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Factoring & Invoice Discounting

Along with credit control services, we offer Factoring, a Credit Management service with the added advantage of a finance facility. Our UK factoring services are good for business start-ups and are also a good way of improving cash flow. It is by no means a long-term solution and as sales increase, it is far more cost effective to an utilise Outsourced Credit Control Solution.

An annual agreement with the factor will be signed, stating how the process will work. The fee for this service will normally be between 1 & 5% of turnover, plus an interest charge on funds advanced at a rate similar to that of an overdraft.

Non-Disclosed Factoring

This is the same as factoring, except your customers are not told and payments continue to be sent directly to you. You then also have the task of collecting your debts to the satisfaction of the factor.

Confidential Invoice Discounting

Factors also offer invoice discounting services, whereby you do your own credit control and sales ledger (or we do it for you) and simply receive advance funds on your invoices with recourse in the event of customer default. We are currently working with 2 factoring companies and have negotiated special deals and arrangements for enquiries emanating from ourselves.

By providing a reliable invoice discounting service, we have succeeded in acquiring a reputable client base in Kent, and other parts of the UK. We have a separate team, which specialises in the area of invoice discounting services. They are well versed with all the basics in invoice discounting area and adopt a professional attitude while helping clients.

We work very closely with several specialist-factoring brokers who have a wide knowledge of the players in the market, and know who is hungry for business and who are specialists in certain industries For further information on credit control services, Debt collection or invoice factoring, please contact us by telephone, or by using, our on-line query form and we will do our best to help you. Read our testimonials!

About Us

In the financial services world we are small - we feel this is a good thing. We are small enough to care about our customers and, most importantly, your customers!

We can work with you business to solve a particular cash flow situation, assist during staff holidays or during your busy season.


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We believe that business is about relationships. People can be sensitive when it comes to money and we respect every relationship.

We get your cash flowing without burning bridges. After all, your brand, reputation and relationships are your business.

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We live this stuff and have opinions and ideas about how correctly outsourced credit control can make your business more effective and better able to focus on growth strategies.

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