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Debt Recovery Services: One Off Fixed Fee


One Off Fixed Fee

As with all of our services, what sets us apart from our competitors is the fact that we are always looking for innovative and cost effective ways to collect cash flow money for our clients. Our “one off fixed fee service” is certainly no exception.

Use of this service requires pre-payment of £50+VAT. This charge includes:

·          Sending out up to 3 letters and making up to 5 telephone calls.
·          Reporting back to you at the end of this process

If we recover your money within this process, there are no further charges for you to pay Effectively; it has only cost you £50+VAT to use our service. If you ticked the “subsidised” box on our debt referral form instructing us to apply statutory interest and claim compensation in accordance with Late Payment Legislation - at best you would have had cost free debt collection and at worst it would have been at a subsidised cost.

If we do not recover your money within this process, we will provide you with an honest appraisal as to whether or not it is worth pursuing the debt any further. If after discussion with you, we feel additional credit control action by us is worthwhile, we will recommend issuing a Statutory Demand, or County Court Proceedings.

So if you are seeking a debt recovery service in the UK, please contact us by telephone, or by using our on-line query form and we will do our best to help you.

We offer generous discounts for bulk referral of debts. Visit our testimonials page.

About Us

We incorporate a “small company approach” to all of our service offerings. We will always be small enough to care about our customers and most importantly, your customers!

We can work with you business to solve a particular cash flow//credit control situation, assist during staff holidays or during your busy season

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Our Philosophy

We believe that business is about relationships. People can be sensitive when it comes to money and we respect every relationship.

We get your cash flowing without burning bridges. After all, your brand, reputation and relationships are your business.

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We live this stuff and have opinions and ideas about how correctly outsourced credit control can make your business more effective and better able to focus on growth strategies.

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