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When to Start Debt Collection

If your credit control process is not enough to recover any invoices or payments due to you, the next step will be for your business to take is legal action. This step requires a skilled and experienced debt recovery company to proceed with the collection of the debt owed to you. For some cases the first initial step with a debt recovery service will persuade a debtor to settle their overdue invoices and accounts with you. In many instances businesses rely upon their ‘good’ reputation and will want to avoid having a CCJ (Country Court Judgment) against their name due to the negative impact it could bring their business and their credit ratings.

It is essential to be paid for a service or product you have supplied as it can set your business back massively. Therefore, it is crucial to have a good credit control system implemented into your business strategy.

One of the main reasons for having a good credit control process in place is because of the time it can take when attempting to revery the debt. For example, when a debt is 60 days old, your debtor should have received 2 x statements of account and 3 x standard letters/emails and several telephone calls. From this, if your debtor has not paid you by 60 days, then the next step would be to instruct a debt recovery agency pursue your debtor for you (Credit Limits International).


We offer a full range of credit control services which will help prevent cases needing debt collection. Our associated company (, offer competitively priced “no collection, no fee” debt collection services.

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